At Blue Gecko, we provide a wide range of banners which are a great way of advertising your event, business or function. In any environment or budget, we have the solution for you.

Produced to the finest quality in our Bristol facility, with high quality solvent ink printing and using the latest banner welding technology we can achieve nearly any size. Finished accurately with hems and eyelets giving a long life and quality finish.

Feel free to contact us today for further details.

Mesh Banners

Perfect for a windy environment, our mesh banner offers a high-quality print to a perforated material which can be finished with eyelets to ensure a professional and easy to install product.

Despite its appearance this product is very hard wearing and durable.

These banners can be perfect for pedestrian barriers at events or fencing at sports courts to advertise and promote events and clubs.

Traditional PVC Banners

440gsm Economy and 520gsm Premium grade make up our standard offering for single sided banner prints. Producing the banners in house gives us complete flexibility on size and location of eyelets. Further to this, pole pockets, sleeves and other features can be incorporated in the product, giving you complete solutions for any space!

Our team have years of experience in banner production and are on hand to answer any questions.

Black Out Banners

Need to hang a banner or want a double side print option? We have you covered with our 610gsm blackout banner; two high quality PVC print faces surround a grey black out centre to the material which won’t let light pass through. Perfect for double sided designs or hanging banners. The thicker material offers a very high-quality finish and they can be finished with hems and eyelets to your specification.